Thursday, August 24, 2006

Raining in the evening

Got the feed from DBKL and it shows that its very congested. So everyone stay in the office to do their work. Except me posting this. Watching Eason concert this weekend. Its my 1st concert and i hope its a memorable one. Not to forget my badminton tournament starting nest weekend. Havent do much preparation yet except for doing some weightlifting. Got news from my peers that everyone will get some form of incerement next month. Good to hear that too..espcecially when petrol price will increase next year. Though its not much but still it good enough.

Since my blogging tool has expired i fell lazy to post stuff. Went clubbing last weekend at ThaiClub. Its not a good place. Reason being gangsters hang out there and very pack. Chics are not so nice and lots of Ah Beng. Still prefer Poppi Garden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your badminton tournaments!

7:20 PM  

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