Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdaka Eve

Didn't know what to do and was too bored to go clubbing again, so me, jimmy, ivy and zoe drove to Genting. At 1st we planned to go for a karaoke session but they didnt feel like singing so we went "lion dancing". Was not so crowded as it was already 2.15am. Not suprising to see lots of AhBeng and AhLian.

The music was not good enough to make us move except for Ivy. Once the music is ON, she's ON too. The shop close at 3am and people was still shouting for more... I guess if it open till 6am, they still shout for more.

There was a brawl as well happening right at he side of the Genting Hotel. Didn't know exactly what happened but i guess mostly probably because of some Ah Beng was too drunk and over-reacting. Of what i heard from the police, that unfortunate guys was gang bang by 15 people. It must be some hell of a beating... Sigh !!!

*Thank God my car was able to go up the hills...


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