Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdaka Eve

Didn't know what to do and was too bored to go clubbing again, so me, jimmy, ivy and zoe drove to Genting. At 1st we planned to go for a karaoke session but they didnt feel like singing so we went "lion dancing". Was not so crowded as it was already 2.15am. Not suprising to see lots of AhBeng and AhLian.

The music was not good enough to make us move except for Ivy. Once the music is ON, she's ON too. The shop close at 3am and people was still shouting for more... I guess if it open till 6am, they still shout for more.

There was a brawl as well happening right at he side of the Genting Hotel. Didn't know exactly what happened but i guess mostly probably because of some Ah Beng was too drunk and over-reacting. Of what i heard from the police, that unfortunate guys was gang bang by 15 people. It must be some hell of a beating... Sigh !!!

*Thank God my car was able to go up the hills...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pity the motorcyclist

Went to work early today as its National Day and would like to finish my stuff and go home early. As i was on my way to work, saw this unlucky motorcyclist got knocked down by a car. I guess it was a hit and run accident because there's no 1 around except a policeman and 2 good people helping the victim. Pity the cyclist watching him sitting at the side of the road, kind of shocked. Becareful everyone !!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

My goodness its raining again.. Not sure how jam it is but from the view outside of Menara Celcom its very congested. I guess its going to be another congestion session. Not to mention i need to go back for my badminton session.. Stress-nya !!!

Went to makan "fish head noodle" today at jln ipoh with my colleagues. It was good and cheap also. Luckily it was not a sunny day else we will be soaked. Didnt see the sun today..the whole day was cloudy and lots of haze. 4.56pm Raining heavily and heavy traffic.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Raining in the evening

Got the feed from DBKL and it shows that its very congested. So everyone stay in the office to do their work. Except me posting this. Watching Eason concert this weekend. Its my 1st concert and i hope its a memorable one. Not to forget my badminton tournament starting nest weekend. Havent do much preparation yet except for doing some weightlifting. Got news from my peers that everyone will get some form of incerement next month. Good to hear that too..espcecially when petrol price will increase next year. Though its not much but still it good enough.

Since my blogging tool has expired i fell lazy to post stuff. Went clubbing last weekend at ThaiClub. Its not a good place. Reason being gangsters hang out there and very pack. Chics are not so nice and lots of Ah Beng. Still prefer Poppi Garden.

Durian Party Eat All You Can Update

Friday, August 18, 2006

Busy week

Been busy lately with work and my free blogging tool has expired. Damm. Can't wait to meet my dream gal tonight.

Went to play badminton with my Boss on thursday and meet 2 chun chic. One was an ex-stewardess and another is an IT chic. We team up to play mix double, me pairing with the IT chic and Jimmy with the ex-stewardess. The match was boring but the view is interesting... making them run here and there. As usual we keep our eyes open for "moments". One cool thing bout my boss is he's a relax person, take things easy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Durian Party Eat All You Can

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Bob Got Screwed

Pity Bob, got screwed from Boss

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fuck you Bob

Fuck you bob, as if i dont know that the job failed, fuck you again !!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad lost Sunday

I had a friendly match last weekend. The members from Sri Petaling invited people from Subang for a friendly match. Played on the 5th game. Cannot play at all. Couldn’t find my game. The 1st game was good, had a shacky start, was trailing 0–6, then started to pull it back to 10-6 and won the game. Was so tired.

2nd game was tiring, shouldnt have eat curry before playing. My throat was burning caused by the curry. Didnt smash at all and was playing simple game. Lost 2nd match. 3rd game started quite well, but at the end of the game..i gave up. Was exhausted, if only i didnt take that curry chicken, surely kick their ass. DAMM ! Losing sucks..and i don’t want to lose again. Vow to improve my game.

Friday, August 04, 2006

End of the week

I begin to notice that every friday is a relax day. Long lunch and coffee breaks are the must do on Friday. Its the much awaited day for some if not all people. But too bad as when leaving office, the jam makes one mood bad. Cant reach home early especially klcc area. Looking forward for the weekend.

Bad dream followed with a Sweet Dream

After watching “Wong Fei Hun 2” i went to bed at 1.45am, tired and body was aching. Played “Racing Fever” on my phone whil listening to 988fm. After 15 mins and i cant sleep, so shut off lalio. Then dooze off, suddenly a dream came in, i was driving, night, raining and very dark. The head light was very dim and i couldn’t see. Dangerous as i was driving my brother car. Not sure who was seating beside me. Though i tried to go slow, it seems to be very fast. In my miind thinking better not crash this car or else i’m doomed.

Then, woke up, kind of freaked out. Nevermind, steady, went back to bed. Then after awhile another dream, this time a sweet dream. What i remembered was i was having yum cha session with a friend. Then an unknown dream gals came by. Talked to my friend, then not sure why i hold her hand. Syoknya…That moment, i was casually holding her hands, then she said..”are you afraid?” then i replied “no”. She said “if no then hold tighter la”. Wah so nice, imagine every night with a dream gal holding hands walking at the park at night…As a result i didnt feel like waking up today morning. Arrrr, my dreams took away my “dream girl”.

Fish Restaurant

At our badminton session at Endah Villa, we went to a restaurant at Sri Petaling which is famous for many kind of fish served. Its actually one of our badminton kaki brothers shop. Those rich baggars. So, 5 of us went there and ordered a red talapia, ginger scallop, sour steamed chicken.

Ofcourse no need to say la, the fish was super nice. The ginger scallop was strong in those rice alcohol, the chicken dish was good. Worth what you pay for. Eating and discussing about badminton games and pulling out jokes was the best thing eating with them. It always good to have some sessions like this to forget about ones problems, as if i have a lot.


Thrashing opponents 15-0

Wednesday we tried to thrash our oppenents with 15–0 in a game. Man it was hard. Although our opponent was not those tough cookie, we tried but failed. Each time at the very last 3 or 4 point, we made simple mistakes. We tried 5 games in a row but none successful. Stressed.

Each game took 10 or 15 mins and our opponents was defeated with either 2 or 4 or 4 all are under 5 points. Need to do more to improve our game. I’m quite sure if we are able to have all those 15–0, we are good enough to go for tournaments.

Time will come and will tell. Not to mention aching muscle and body. Adui, sakitnya !

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its Tuesday 8/1/2006 3pm

I’m enjoying michael buble at

It was a close call

Finally it came and things are ok now. Thank God, i am relief now. Vincent my calculation is right !